Massage & Body Treatments

T H E R A P E U T I C     M A S S A G E
Swedish Massage 1-Hour Service $65.00+Tax
1/2-Hour Service - Relieves body tension, improves circulation, alleviates muscle stiffness & fatigue. $40.00+Tax
Reflexology 1/2-Hour Service - Re-establishes energy flow throughout the body by targeting reflex points found in the feet. $40.00+Tax
Therapeutic Massage 1-Hour Service - A variety of modalities are used to work more deeply into the congested areas of the body. $75.00+Tax
Aromatherapy 1-Hour Service  - A special blend of essential oils are used to help detoxify and soothe the body. Helps reduce headaches, sinus & allergy problems. $70.00+Tax
Raindrop Therapy Massage 1-Hour Service - Grade A essential oils are used to help bring the body back into structural and electrical alignment. This massage will enhance your mood and relax your mind and its therapeutic effects will remain in the body for 5 to 7 days following the application. $75.00+Tax
Warm Stone Therapy 1-Hour Service - Relieves tense muscles and sore joints. Essential oils and warm stones create a unique massage experience. Helps increase energy flow, leaving you rested and rejuvenated. $85.00+Tax
Pregnancy Massage - A "must" for the expecting mother-to-be. $75.00+Tax
Sea Salt Body Glow - Smoothes and hydrates the body. Ideal for a total body exfoliation. $75.00
Dead Sea Mud Wrap  - Luxuriating & indulgent body mask of mineral-rich, Dead Sea mud. $75.00
Rose Body Mud Wrap - Ultimate for refining and extreme hydration, perfectly suited for dry, delicate weathered or aged skin. $75.00
Purifying Back Treatment - Deeply purifying the skin on the back and relaxes stressed muscles. $65.00
Babassu Sugar Rub - The description should be "Sugar & Oil are intertwined to create a powerful, yet gentle exfoliation that leaves the skin smooth & invigorated. $85.00
Multivitamin Hand & Foot - Treatment (30 minutes)
Softens rough dry skin followed by relaxing hand and foot massage.
Glycolic Body Smoothing Peel - Body resurfacing treatment. Designed to smooth appearance of raised stress marks, acne breakouts, scars, dark spots, rough & dry patches. $85.00

Three One Hour Full  Body Massages
$150.00 plus tax


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